‘Her consultation process and attention to detail was amazing...the finished result being everything I wanted my tattoo to embody’
— SJ, a client tattooed in memory of her son

I’m Rebecca DC - a tattoo artist and former scientist living in Manchester, UK.

Being tattooed is more than just getting a design on your body. It’s owning yourself: so here we do these things properly; consultation, referencing, design, fitting, adjustments and finally the tattoo day itself. It’s the full experience.

I have created a small, hidden studio where you get a one-on-one experience - you can choose everything from your drinks order to your music playlist.

It’s my aim to make the process as comfortable, friendly and unintimidating as possible - this means less stress and pain for you and a feeling you owned this process.

I’m always happy to answer questions, you can find me on the chat button at the bottom of your screen, or book a callback (you choose the time) with the button below.

‘Equal parts artist, mad scientist and raconteur, she’s pretty much the polar opposite of your stereotypical tattoo artist’
— JP Waddington. Long term client