‘Her consultation process and attention to detail was amazing...the finished result being everything I wanted my tattoo to embody’
— SJ, a client tattooed in memory of her son

I’m Rebecca DC - a tattoo artist and former scientist. My tattoo process of consultation, design, fitting, adjustment and finally tattoo here is really relaxed and personalised.

I have created a place where you get a one-on-one experience - you can choose everything from your reference material to your playlist and you’re not overlooked by anyone so it’s totally private.

Maybe you want a tattoo in a calm environment, maybe you have an idea for a tattoo you’ve wanted for years but can’t quite imagine, maybe you’ve never had a tattoo before and you’re not sure how to approach it, maybe you’re uncertain where to go but really want to get something that’s totally your piece.

Maybe you’ve been promising yourself for years you’ll do it

You may have scars to cover up and want a one-on-one conversation to work through that difficulty.

Click the button to request a call back and I’ll run you through what I can do.

‘Equal parts artist, mad scientist and raconteur, she’s pretty much the polar opposite of your stereotypical tattoo artist’
— JP Waddington. Long term client