‘Equal parts artist, mad scientist and raconteur, she’s pretty much the polar opposite of your stereotypical tattoo artist’
— JP Waddington. Long term client

Manchester-based Long Time Dead artist Rebecca de Cadorette draws upon her background as a zoologist, botanist and historian to inform her practise as a tattooer. She creates tattoo designs rich in symbolism and meaning.

Rebecca began tattooing in 2012 after a chance meeting with a mentor. She has since exhibited art work, painting and live tattooing at exhibitions and art-battles in Manchester and has tattooed live as part of Manchester Science festival, she teaches ‘design for the body’ in further education and runs art classes for kids.

Rebecca specialises in working with clients on a deeper and more experiential level; respect for the vulnerability of the client recieving the tattoo and the trust of the client for the tattoo artist are at the forefront of how she tattoos.

The art work she produces is always rich with meaning taking reference from the client's life reflecting their journey and marking their passage.

Long Time Dead Studio is an exclusive, private tattoo and art space in Stockport, south Manchester.

The services provided always include a consultation, fitting and adjustment and finally a private tattoo session.

‘Her consultation process and attention to detail was amazing...the finished result being everything I wanted my tattoo to embody’
— SJ, a client tattooed in memory of her son